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SCT Guides

An in-depth look at a specific topic that is developed via interviews with treasury executives.

SCT Guides are restricted to members who are corporate practitioners.


Best Practices in Managing the Rating Agency Relationship
Last year saw a boom in Canadian debt deals, and in Canadian domestic high-yield debt in particular. The growth in debt issuance by non-investment grade Canadian firms sparked a lively conversation at SCT’s July and April roundtables about approaching rating agencies for the first time, managing relationships with the agencies and other questions faced by companies as they seek an initial credit rating. The questions and follow-up conversations, including input from guest speakers from Moody’s and JP Morgan at the April roundtables, were the impetus for developing this guide. We spoke to international and Canadian banks’ rating agency specialists, the three major rating agencies and many practitioners. The objective: discovering the best practices on how to approach and manage credit rating agency relationships.



Canada First: Basel III’s Implications for Practitioners
Financial institutions worldwide are preparing to comply with new regulatory and liquidity requirements under Basel III. But while most have until 2019 to be fully compliant, Canada banks must be ready to meet the capital portion of the new standards by January 2013. This guide will discuss how the OFSI’s January 2013 deadline for implementing Basel III capital requirements will affect financial institutions’ approach to corporate cash, credit and liquidity management.


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