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AFPC Seminar & Roundtables

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Corporate Risk Management Seminar for Treasury & Finance
Financial and treasury professionals are challenged to manage financial risks (interest rate risk, FX risk, equity risk, commodity risk, liquidity risk, and credit risk) at their institutions. This seminar will review the key trends and developments in financial risk including:

  • A thorough discussion of risk analytics / risk assessments, key risk indicators, value-at-risk and economic capital models
  • Risk management policies, including the development of risk tolerance levels
  • Risk governance, including the role of the board vs. management
  • The role of financial risk within an overall enterprise risk management (ERM) framework
  • Dashboard reporting for the board and executive management
  • Expected benefits, performance metrics, and feedback loops for effective risk management
  • Lessons learned from the global financial crisis

James C. Lam
James Lam & Associates


Thursday, June 16, 2011


8:00 - 9:00 am

Concurrent Roundtables

IFRS: Impact on Hedge Accounting
At last year's Forum, we discussed the prospects of IFRS implementation. This year IFRS is a reality. This session will cover current implementation issues with a focus on fair value and hedge accounting. Join the discussion on how IFRS is affecting Canadian companies and some of the possible benefits of early adoption of IFRS 9.

Valerie Gillis, CFA, CA
Partner, Advisory Services

SCT Open Roundtable
Join your colleagues in this candid open discussion on the most pressing topics in treasury and finance. This roundtable is limited to corporate practitioners.  

Nilly Essaides
Treasury Consultant
Association for Financial Professionals

2011 Trends in Bank Credit
Review bank practices in the current credit environment, including availability of credit across various rated companies from investment grade to highly-leveraged. What are the trends in revolver renewals in terms of duration, covenants and fees? Discuss the outlook for bank financing in today's climate as well as activity in the capital markets.

Laura Dottori-Attanasio
Managing Director, Global Head, Corporate Credit Products

Robert Finlay
Managing Director & Head of Canadian Corporate Banking
Scotia Capital

Mitigating the Impact of Currency Volatility
Learn to identify currency exposures within the business and establish an accurate exposure reporting process. The strong dollar has put extra emphasis on savvy currency risk management. See how other companies are approaching the FX risk dilemma, including hedging strategies, natural hedges and available hedge products.


Grier Colter, CA, CFA
Senior Director, Treasury
Barrick Gold Corporation

Phil Pettinato
Chief Operating Officer

9:30 - 10:30 am

Concurrent Roundtables

Trade Finance Best Practices
Explore the trade finance practices of Canadian companies. What instruments are available to corporates in various geographic locations? Determine the pros and cons of Letters of Credit and other forms of finance and review cost and availability in today's market place. Share experiences in securing trade finance for various transactions.

Dyanne Carenza
Vice President, Trade Business & Product Management, Global Transaction Banking

Prakash Jeevaratnam
Senior Manager, Trade Finance Sales, Global Transaction Banking

Operational Aspects of Cash Investing
With yields at all time lows and cash building on corporate balance sheets, how are companies investing their excess cash? This roundtable will focus on practical strategies for cash investment including yield curve strategies, investment policies and what instruments are currently acceptable given risk parameters.

Rob Krizmanich
Senior Vice President & Investment Advisor
HSBC Securities

The Future of Canadian Payments
Once limited to the simple transfer of funds, the Canadian payments system has evolved to include all the institutions, instruments and services that support the transfer of value between parties. In June of 2010, the Minister of Finance announced the formation of the Task Force for the Payment System Review to devise a blueprint for the future of the Canadian payment system. Hear about the task force's progress and key issues as it prepares its report for December of 2011.

Patricia Meredith
Task Force Chair
Canadian Payment Systems Review

Treasury and the Board of Directors
As Treasurers' roles expand, their interaction with their companies' Boards of Directors increases. Find out what questions Boards are asking and what information should be included in reports. The discussion will cover the format and content of Board presentations and Board hot buttons.

Peter Copestake
Executive-in-Residence, Queens University
former Treasurer, Manulife Financial

11:00 - 12:00 pm

Concurrent Roundtables

Strategies for Maximizing Electronic Payments
Payments are generating a lot of discussion of late. New innovation in products, mobile technologies and regulatory interest are just a few of the factors driving the discussion. The purpose of this breakout is to examine the current opportunities and issues relating to payments in Canada.

Paul Rogers
Head of Acceptance
Visa Canada Corporation

Diane Brisebois, CAE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Retail Council of Canada

The Evolving Landscape of Canadian Capital Markets
This discussion will explore the evolving landscape of the Canadian Capital Markets. Review the differences from U.S. Capital Markets. Identify challenges from a Canadian Issuers' perspective; examine the impact made on the regulatory environment; and determine what's ahead and how Treasury can manage?

Stephen Kicinski
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Sun Life Financial, Inc.

David Matthews
Assistant Vice President, Capital Markets & Rating Agencies
Sun Life Financial, Inc.

Streamlining Working Capital Management in the Organization
Cash is king and Treasury is best positioned to pursue working capital projects. How can Treasury direct the focus on cash throughout the value chain by collaborating with other departments? Address questions such as how to make cash a priority for business operations including incentive programs and cross functional projects.

Thomas Morrison
Director, Treasury Operations
Suncor Energy

Pension Reform
Join a discussion on pension reform highlighting many of the key changes and considerations that provincial governments are wrestling with, how federally regulated entities are acting, and more particularly, the finance and HR implication of corporations sponsoring defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Ian Markham
Canadian Retirement Innovation Leader
Towers Watson

Brenda McInnes
Vice President & Treasurer
Manitoba Telecom Services, Inc.

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Concurrent Roundtables

Optimizing Cross-Border Banking Between Canada and the US
There are fundamental differences between the Canadian and American banking and payment systems as well as varying regulatory requirements. Understanding the cross-border environment can prove to be very challenging. Discuss key differences in clearing, payment and reporting systems; review regulatory requirements; and evaluate treasury management tools used on both sides.

Dustin Rodger, CA
Manager, Financial Reporting
Saxon Energy Services, Inc.

Andrew Yeates
Senior Vice President, Head of Global Bank & Corporate Banking Sales

Brian Ford, CTP
Vice President, Payments & Cash Management
HSBC Bank Canada

Personal Professional Development-Preparing for Treasury's Broader Role
This "Training Session" focuses on developing the soft skills for professional development in Treasury, i.e., presentation skills, methods for approaching and addressing senior management, and selling Treasury to other executives. Learn to enhance your role in today's treasury organization and develop the right skills set for professional success.

Robert Stanley, CMA
Vice President & Treasurer
Samuel, Son & Co. Limited

Stanley Pasternak
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Canadian Tire Corporation, retired

Regulatory Reform and the Impact on Rating Agencies
As Rating Agency reform takes shape in the U.S. as part of the Dodd-Frank legislation, how is that rolling over into Canada? What changes are planned and what else is coming? Hear S&P discuss these issues and more.

Thomas Connell
Managing Director
Standard & Poor's

Building a Business Case for a Treasury Workstation
Build a business case for a treasury workstation. Discuss the driving factors for a workstation and explore the vendor selection process. What are the efficiencies offered by the web-based vs. client server applications? This roundtable will track the decision, from RFP to implementation and identify pitfalls and best practices.

Paul Selway
Project Manager, Treasury Workstations
Agrium, Inc.

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